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Server: Online

Server rates:
Exp 30x SP&Money: 15x
Items Drop: 50x
PvP and PvE realms
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Servers Status

  20.06.2017 Update. Details   11.06.2017 Update.

  12.12.2016 Update.
  22.11.2016 Update   23.06.2016 Update.
  08.06.2016 Update.   19.05.2016 Update.
  25.04.2016 - Added limitation of 3 alts per person at same time max! Using more may lead to ban of all chars.
  28.03.2016 Update. New Fashion NPC's in Hall of Glory,
 increased Server Exp rates to 30x
  07.03.2016 Update.   01.02.2016 Update.
  25.01.2016 Update.   21.12.2015 Update.
  26.10.2015 Update released.   08.10.2015 Update released.
  04.08.2015 Update released.   19.07.2015 Update released.
  08.06.2015 Update released.   12.05.2015 Update released.
  13.04.2015 Update - a lot of changes to make gameplay easier. Details

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