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Server rates:
Exp 30x SP&Money: 15x
Items Drop: 50x
PvP and PvE realms
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Support server and receive rewards:

30% Bonus is active now! You can see price/amount in red
where bonus is applied. 21.07.18

10$ Option 1: 65000 Eyrda Leaves reward
Option 2: 130 LMS Donator Coins reward
20$ Option 1: 136500 Eyrda Leaves reward
Option 2: 273 LMS Donator Coins reward
50$ Option 1: 351000 Eyrda Leaves reward
Option 2: 715 LMS Donator Coins reward
100$ Option 1: 715000 Eyrda Leaves reward
Option 2: 1560 LMS Donator Coins reward
Same as above (5$ minimum)
  Please send email to
  after you donate and specify your game account name, char
  name, donated amount, email used and reward option.
  Donator shop is located in the Mailbox NPC.

  You will recieve reward in 24 hrs max (usualy faster).

  Note that Donations are NON-REFUNDABLE! By donating you agree with this.
    Donations are to keep the server running and rewards given are not purchased products
     but are gifts given by lmsfw and are thanks for keeping the server going.

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