Dear Players

Welcome to Forsaken World Blood Harvest classic-rate server with only a few quality of life changes, .
Server have classic rates for quest exp and soul, as well as double exp events.
This is to recreate an experience similar to the retail servers during their prime.
You can vote for leaves (limited to 1 account per person), and receive leaves for being online (limited to 2 accounts per household).

Download new full client from our website to play on new Blood Harvest server!
Please use our Manual Patch
to have your client up to date.

-Hades Orb, Pandora's Orb, Ichiban Orb, and Sylvan Orb can be purchased again with soul leaves as well, but at increased price
-added drop of Soul crystal lvl 7 into world bosses: Wind Spirit, Fire Spirit, Water Spirit, Earth Spirit, Thunder Spirit, Light Spirit, Dark Spirit, Wraith Petra, Prunk Brands
-realm 5 and instances will be rotated weekly between PvP and PvE starting this week (with weekly server reboots on monday)
-updated settings for Frostgale Fjord

-increased 2x exp required to lvlup for 2-70 lvls for players to be able to enjoy lower lvl content. Those who prefer to lvlup fast can still use Dreamlands/Phoeniux Orders to lvlup fast until lvl 70
-increased 2x Champ points rewards fow weekly quest Tomb of Kings
-bosses in Cracked instances now drop randomly adv. charged or flawless or immortal runes
-increased lvl of Vampire Bat to 75
-added drop chance of gold box to Naga Lord
-restricted orbs in leaves shop to normal leaves only

-decreased exp required for lvlup 78-85 lvl by 30%
-added Lionheart Chromatic Badge drop chance to lvl 90 mobs on Free Isles
-decreased price of items in Wedding section in Leaves shop
-Immortal Lv5 Rune Pack fixed for Reapers
-Book of Faith: Meditation III can be used up to 10 times per day and up to lvl 89 now
-ESEM rewards increased from 40 to 250 Champion points
-Aeon Spire and Gauntlet of Storms Champion points reward increased 2x
-fixed pve realms for 90 lvl chars. On PvP realms players under lvl 70 are protected from PK.

-decreased cost of RuneMaker to 15 silver and moved to Josselyn in Nightfall
-added drops of lvl5 charged runes for mobs, immortal lvl 5 runes to subbosses and lvl5 immortal adv. runes for bosses in Cracked instances. Mobs lvl increased to 85.
-Polar Sea Vexxer lvl increased to 86
-increased +5 lvl of WB: Relic Guardian, Solarien Archpriest, Stele Spirit, Selassie, Undead Sladd, Ghost of Flame, Furious Ogre, Lunarmurk Chief, Naga Lord, Dreaded Behemoth, Abyss Nightmare, Infernal Medusa, Mayes Tinclaw, Dual-Headed Giant, Mutated Dionaea, Horned Naga, Green Dragon, Khonem Attendant, Ironjaw King, Shadow Thief, Demon Marshal, Tarrasque

-Replaced Sulfur stone to Iron ore requriement to craft War Medal lvl 6
-increased 5x Zeal, Contribution and Merit reward from Guild quests, decreased cost of Upgrade Guild lvl pack in donator shop
-increased wargod points reward to 150 per wardog badge

-added VIP Forest Scout pet into donator shop

-increased chance to get Divine token from GT2 reward from 1% to 4%
-increased drop chance of divine tokens from Nightfall Elite monsters and guards from rotation quest.
-increased 3x ores from mines that were missed in previous update
-increased drop chance of soul crystal lvl 6 from Kuobo Bear to 40% also added drop chance to Green Dragon and Horned Naga
-increased drop chance of ToF
-fixed manual entrance to Elemental Spire
-added manual entrance to GT2 to San Juan in Freedom Harbor (2-6 players 65+)

-Frost Gem and Emberite heart can be used from lvl 80
-Elemental Spire quests fixed for 80 lvl+

-increased by 20-30% drop chance of Wargod Badge, Elemental Star Essence, Magic Rock Dust, soul token, divine token
-added lvl4 gems, jade prachment pack into donator shop
-increased chance to get Envy Dreamland recipe from Alchemy tutorial reward.
-decreased minimum people needed to enter Elemental Spire instance to 4 lvl 80+ for easy, 6 lvl 82+ for normal and 8 lvl 83+ for heroic mode.
-increased 3x drop count of ores from mines

-Nightmare Carnival and Advanced Nightmare carnival is now open 0:30-23:30 Tue/Thu/Sat
-Advanced Nightmare carnival is now open 0:30-23:30 everyday.

-added option to exchange rings at Avari

-decreased cost of all orbs, and other items that was not decreased in previous patch

-decreased cost of all orbs, Mercury statuete, bag/bank extensions, flower, action scrolls, faith tablet, book of masteries, couple pack in Leaf shop
-decreased cost of 1D chest to 20 donator coins
-added Arena Season 2 gears NPC's, next to Season 1 NPC's

-lvlup speed for 1-77 lvls increased 2x
-added chance to drop Lesser blood mantra to all monsters in Free Isle
-decreased requirement to enter most instances from 2 player to 1

-increased price for Diamond chest
-Sickle daily quest should be fixed now
-server moved to next era

-added 1D chest for Donator coins into Donator Shop
-added realm 4

-increased lvl of WB: Relic Guardian, Solarien Archpriest and Stele Spirit, Selassie, Undead Sladd, Ghost of Flame, Furious Ogre, Lunarmurk Chief, Naga Lord, Dreaded Behemoth, Abyss Nightmare, Infernal Medusa, Mayes Tinclaw, Dual-Headed Giant, Mutated Dionaea, Horned Naga, Green Dragon, Khonem Attendant, Ironjaw King, Shadow Thief, Demon Marshall, Tarrasque
-added to Otis Tytan's Hammer, Brilliance of Glory
-fixed Tome of resistance drop from Terrifying Blood Lord
-fixed WG badge drop from Media the Avatar of Slaughter
-decreased cost of Perfect Gold Bar and Radiant Golden Chest at Ayrshi's Mirage

-enter Sickle Island is now limited to 5 per day

-Aeon Spire: increased drop chance of wargod badge from 50% to 100% on Pacala the Avatar of Plague, Zothinan·Avatar of Desolation from 100% to 150%, also added 100% drop chance to each of 3 bosses Media the Avatar of Slaughter
-significally increased exp reward for Foxglove Dreamland

-fixed incorrect resistances/masteries modification in last patch
-decreased cost of learning masteries and resistances 40-60 lvl by 50%

-decreased vigor cost of masteries and resistances training 2x
-increased to 6 Bag and Bank extensions in starter pack lvl 1 and 20

-decreased exp requirement for 1-70 lvl by 5%, and 71-80 lvl by 15% (faster lvlup)
-added ToF drop to: Hydraslit, Giant Spider, Ogre Mage, Ogre Berserker, Ogre Lancer, Copan Crocodile, Masked Orge,
-added scroll of sapphire into Donator shop
-increased stack amonut of Night Swordfish, War Medals, Dim Star Debris, Recharging Star Shards,Scroll of Sages, Scroll of Prophets, Pet Essences
-decreased cost of all pets in VIP Pets 1 list in Donator shop.
-increased exp and sp reward for Fell iradiated ore trade in
-added more new fashion to Wendy NPC

-fixed pet trade in exchange, now it accepts pets, not pet eggs
-removed Wade's Fishin hole quest from game
-LMS Donator coins are now tradable

-decreased cost of learning masteries and resistances 4x 1-20lvls, 2x 21-40lvls, and vigor cost 1-30 lvls.
-decreased price of mastery and resistance items 100x from 10G to 10 silver per item
-Wade's fishin hole quest should be skipped now
-decreased cost of bag extension, ToF, Jade gold at Leukas Porudock, added pet bag
-Captain Charlotte decreased cost of ToF and added Jade Gold for Courage
-Terrifying Blood Lord now also drops Tome of Resistance
-Dysil's Crux Recruiter decreased price of Tome of Resistance to 250 WG Points
-Zothinan·Avatar of Desolation in Aeon Spire now also drop Wargod badge
-Ghostfang Keep - Boss Baron Kidd now drop Ghastly Flare Gem Box lvl3 and lvl3 rune pack
-added to Otis - Special tab - Light of Eternity
-Tinkerer Lord, Zeke Warrior Lord and Jaguar Lord now drops Elite Star of Hope
-At Hicks added exchange Elite star of hope for Elite star of fate
-added new fashion to Wendy
-decreased exp required per lvlup by 10% up to lvl 70
-increased Vigor grow speed
-Raised lvls for Stele Spirit, Mutated Dionaea, Horned Naga, Tarrasque, Dual Headed Giant
-God Gift Boxes now give 2x more sould gold