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  23.03.2015 Update - added Season 2 gears, 2x less requirement
for guild base constructions, more items in donator shop... Details
  09.03.2015 Update - added Skill books into Hell Road NPC, Soulforce regenerate fast now. Details
  23.02.2015 Update - lower prices, updated Donator Shop,
added Sanctuary Ruins and more. Details 26.01.2015 - added new packs into Donator shop.

19.01.2015 - added new fashion into Donator shop.

  29.12.2014 - only purchaser lvl 10 or higher can use Rebirth
and it cost 250 Laves now.

  12.12.2014 - added Brilliance of Glory and Devirock Shard
into Donator shop.

  07.12.2014 - Visual fix for Wings lvl 4 Download and replace.

  04.12.2014 - Added Sacred Wings lvl 4 (420 Chroma)
  and lvl 5 (560 Chroma). Autoupdate your clients

  29.10.2014 - Issues with datacenter are resolved now,
  Autoupdate your clients or use manual patch
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